Papers on both Spectre and Meltdown with FAQ -- Executive analysis
Ars Technica article that is a little over top but still has some good stuff
Google Project Zero techical information google security blog
Carnegie Mellon U CERT alert
Thats it. Even RISC chips are vulnerable
Ensilo FAQ -- Good high level questions and anwsers
Vendor respones and research links
If Bruce Schneier chooses to speak on a subject. You should choose to listen
Powershell validation script for Speculation control
More Intel info on the latest Meltdown/spectre vuln
Super Micro hardware updates
Why rasberry PIs are not vulnerable
Intel systems crash with microcode update
Complete list of effected CPUs Intel/AMD/Arm...
Download Spectre and Meltdown checkers for your systems
Download Spectre and Meltdown Micro code patches for Linux
Wiki Spectre
Wiki Meltdown

The latest ZombieLoad, yet another vuln in Intel procs based on Melt Down and Spectre NSA Cybersecurity advisor - Jan 2019 NSA github midigation guide - Jan 2019 DHS original CERT alert of side channel attacks - Jan 2018 Specte-NG CERT announces spectre 3a and 4 Researchers find others ways to exfiltrate data from memory Intel Haswell/Broadwell info about firmware Intel Skylake/Kaby info on firmware Are you sure you want to install those Intel patches?