LSI/Broadcom 9305 does not see any disks

Hey, lets hide the driver that will move Solaris forward.

Solaris 11.4 (x86), HBA SAS3224 / 9305-16e (LSI/Avago/Broadcom) missing Disks


I have a jbod with SAS3 drives in it that I want to use in a Solaris x86 zfs pool. The issue comes in when I try to use a LSI/Broadcom 9305-16e that utilizes the SAS3224 controller. What happens you ask? You can NOT see any drives or controller(s) for that matter. I have used 9200's before and they worked just fine. LSI/Broadcom says the 9305's should work. Oracle squeeks out of the conversation because its not on their HCL.


well after weeks of mind numbing research and then finally throwing my hands up. An admin passes on a command that worked just fine. I thought to myself, "why in the hell isn't this all over a forum or at least some some small conversation between two storage admins on the internet?

From a command:     update_drv -a -i "pciex1000,c9" lsc

Try it, your mileage may vary.           Early 2019