The Proposal

                                            On December 16th 2000 we planned a trip to Bellis fair mall in Bellingham. Everyone thought it would be just
                                            another LONG trip  to a crowded mall in bad weather. As far as a plan, all I knew was that somehow I needed
                                            to talk to the photographer and crew with out raising suspicions. Not an easy task for this group.


I was so nervous I messed up alot of what I meant to say.  Even after weeks of rehearsal in my car on the way home from work. Just the
same, she said yes ! She looked pretty surprised . So I not sure she heard me.

                    I have more than some, less than most. If you were my wife I would consider myself to have it all.
                    What I have, I will give to you. What I don't have I will fill with love, caring and a promise to foster
                    the hopes and dreams of each and every member of our family.
                                                  Will you marry me?

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