Using Putty to securely make your VNC connections. ---- May 2007

Putty config

Tunneling values

Make the ssh connection that will open a shell to the remote host.

On the PC run netstat –an |more you should see the following listening

on port 5920.

To make a VNC connection from your PC to the remote host.

Open your vncviewer and fill it out like below.

Can this be done over the internet? SHOULD this be done over the internet?

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Secure VNC over the internet

Configure Putty in the same manner but this time the remote host services will be those of the host running the vncserver on the remote network.

Connect to a remote host over the internet(gohome resolve to a routable IP on port 4422)

Note, that the tunneling values for the destination and port( are of an IP that is not routable. This IP resides inside the firewalled networked but is running vnc services.

Make the ssh connection to the remote host. Run netstat –an and view the listiening port.

Make a vnc connection to the remote host,

Run netstat –an and view the established connection.

You can also use this technique to tunnel RDP over ssh as well. The RDP port is 3389. I don't have the graphics for that right now. The basics are, setup a ssh client/server on the Windows host(s) and replace the VNC port with the RDP port.

Of course there are command line equivalents.